Breaking Out

Education is expensive. It can be so financially expensive for the pure dollar output and sacrificed earnings to learn while I could be earning. It can be so emotionally expensive while discovering things about myself I may not have wanted to – limits to the imagination, physical facility, and the ego burn of how much I really do not know.

One of the beauties of learning is finding my current lack. When I get egocentric, my ability to absorb information shuts down as I think that my past learnings cannot be incorrect – they really are not. The fact is techniques of movement evolve over time. Ask any dance teacher or dancer that has been in the game for a while. They will tell you that everything changes. It happens because of innovation of movement due to someone’s creativity, body structure, and breaking movement. Innovation does not mean that previous theory is wrong, it just means that there are potentially newer and better ways to do it. They are not re-inventing the wheel, just advancing it.

Once a certain level of achievement is reached in a specific field of dancing, a dancer can easily plateau. Breaking that plateau means seeking creative ways to break my body’s learned patterns. The easiest way to do so is studying new genres especially at the other end of the spectrum. Everything in dance involves using the same medium which is the body. Studying different genres allows me to obtain a more three dimensional view of how to use my body. Mixing street genres which are usually more earthy and down with long-standing styles which are usually more perfect and up increases the body intelligence and will propel the ability to learn out of the plateau stage.

Mixing your studies of dance also helps to get you into that chameleon category. Having a body that can be broken into different styles makes it easier to break your most studied style into whatever you need to for an audition. Open the doors for your employability and start transcending beyond your current technique. It can be a fun experiment as well as a career building move, no pun intended.

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