Leaving Should Behind

I have been told many times that I seem to have lived multiple lives in this one that I am living right now. I have had many adventures, experienced many things, been through many trials, and come out the other side ready for more. I have also been told that I am an inspiration which makes me uncomfortable at times because I am just being me. I do not know how to be any other way.

I am often asked what my secret is. Part of it is that I have never felt like I was going to live a long life which seems to make people uncomfortable when I tell them that, but it is a truth I have known since I was little. Because of this, I try to take every opportunity that comes my way. When I travel, I do not go back to the same place twice as there are too many places I need to see and experience.  I try not to repeat any experience, so I am constantly exposed to new things.  This challenges me and stimulates growth.

I was not always this way though.  There were times when I was afraid to take opportunities because of how I was raised.  There was fear in my upbringing about the unknown.  The fact that I took on the career that I did was terrifying for my parents and I think they still hold their breath waiting for me to fail. I can empathize with their anxiety about my behaviour, but I have to let them be the fearful people that they are.  I choose not to be this way.

It has not all been success. There have been many trials throughout my life and I think that is the best part. I try to embrace them.  Any setback, I look at as an opportunity to beat it and come out better and stronger than I imagined possible.  Mind you, there have been many moments when I thought I would not make it, that this would be the situation that would be my undoing. My friends tend to watch me with apprehension as I think they think the same thing.

I have always been a risk taker and balked when people told me I could not or should not do something.  Imagine having that for a child! That is part of the secret to my success as well because I typically do not do what I “should”. I do not follow the path of other people because I do not see why I should.  In my career, I have been criticized for being outside the box, but have also been revered because of it. I have always been able to take a situation that look perilous and create a success out of it.

The message of all this is really to not limit yourself in your personal life, professional life, or any part of your life.  Why would you want to live a life that everyone else has? Life is short and you never know what your expiration date is going to be.  Take the opportunities that come your way. Life life by your rules and do not listen to the “shoulds” of your society. Failure will happen living this way, but there will always be that dichotomy in everything.  Run with your successes and use your failures as your springboard to greater things.

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