Hi there!

Thanks for checking this blog out.  Here’s a little background on this project:

This blog came to life after a discussion with a dear friend.  Someone who has had my back through some ugly times.  One day, we went for a long walk and sat by this beautiful river waiting for the dark.  There were many topics covered during that walk, but the one that brought about this blog was a discussion about dance. We were talking about inconsistencies in how a male dancer in our community treated me.  The discussion took off from there down a winding road of what the dance world is like for women – especially in the partner dancing realm.  He suggested I start a blog anonymously to bring some light on what life is like for a professional female dancer –  TheRealDancer.com was born.

The purpose of this blog is to honestly discuss the life of a professional dancer from a female’s perspective.  No sugar coating. No whining. No politics – this is the biggest reason for maintaining anonymity.  Everything noted in the blog comes from my own experiences and my heart.  I want it to be relatable not only to professional dancers, but those who enjoy dance, those aspiring to dancing for a career, and other types of artists out there.

Join me on this journey and see what a life lived through dance is like!

XO  TheRealDancer.com

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