Celebrity Blindness

I find it hard to understand sometimes when people are blinded by the light of celebrity names. When someone has made a name for themselves, whether rightly so or not, people will flock to them like insects seeing bright light. The bright light of their celebrity seems to inhibit their logic about what the person is about. All reason goes out the window and they try to bask in the light of the celebrity name.

Celebrity comes in various forms. It can be for being a pillar of the community. It can be for doing something remarkable. It can be for being a good teacher. It can be for being a good dancer. It can be for being rich. It can be for overcoming struggle. The list goes on. Those that manipulate with their celebrity, often have not done anything remarkable, but have manipulated communities to thinking they are more than they are and have sold people on that. You will see them keep putting themselves in the spotlight – making a delayed, grand, and attention-grabbing entrance at an event, boisterously discussing themselves, pointing out their reputation to a new community.

I do see some people take advantage of their celebrity and I find it repulsive. They ask for discounts when they can well afford to pay the asking price. They take advantage of their followers allowing them the privilege to pay their way, provide accommodation, do things for them for which they really should be compensating the follower, and allowing them to work with them for free when the celebrity is making money off their back. I see this happen with “trade of information” as well. The celebrity will give you information in their art form if you give them information in yours. Often, I have seen the celebrity get information and not return the favour.

This kind of behaviour will create a reputation that will eventually catch up with the celebrity. Once their shiny brightness wears off, they tend to exit the community. Sadly, there will be casualties of followers along the way who wanted to believe the celebrity was really going to do something great for them. When they have worn out their welcome, they move onto the next community to leech off them as well. The communities are more interconnected than some of these cunning celebrities may realize and eventually their reputation will precede them.

The most amazing people who truly deserve admiration are those that are usually the humblest. They have no need to point out to people how humble they are. They do not use their name to get ahead. They do not really like having followers. They are wanting to be the best they can be. They want to make their way without owing anyone for their success. They want to help people for the sake of helping them, not for what they will get in return. Take a look at those you consider celebrities close to home. Are they deserving of your admiration, or are you being blinded by the light of their name rather than the light from within?

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