Dance Draw

Stepping into the theatre . . . there is nothing like it. This is especially so if it is an older theatre. Imagine the genius those walls have witnessed? Oh, to be a fly on the wall over the years. Observing brilliant pieces of work evolve as performers put their own genius into it. If I could live in a theatre, I would.

The smell is fantastic especially if dance works are currently running. You can smell the sweat. The dance feet. The effort behind the productions. The energy from the high the performers achieved the night before.  The air is electric.

Every time I step into a theatre, be it to perform or observe, there is an excitement that rises inside of me. It brings back memories. Memories of shows I have seen. Memories of shows I have performed. Memories of creations I have dreamed. I can taste the creativity when I enter. I can feel my heart race faster. No other space makes me feel like that.

Dance studios have a similar affect on me. There is a distinct smell that comes with studios that are not brand new. The smell of dance shoes. The smell of human sweat. The smell of intensity. The smell of learning excitement. Whenever I have taken a break from the studio environment, I return to the front door with hesitation. What if I am not good enough anymore? The doubt whispers callously in my ear planting the seed of doubt. Then I open the door. The scent wafts over me. I know I am home. I know I belong.

This is my reward in dance. That sense of home. That sense of belonging. That internal knowing that this is what I am meant to do. I have been awarded this ability and I will not squander it. I refuse to let anything stand in my way. With that attitude, the obstacles part in my path, and I reach a higher consciousness in my dance and life. This is why I dance.

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