Deception Requirement?

In communities where politics are rampant, it can be hard for the straightforward to survive. Those who are straightforward and speak their truth are often condemned for doing so. This is unfortunate because these are the people you can trust. They will tell you to your face what they really think rather than placating you with compliments then stabbing you in the back when you turn.

The straightforward are hard to find these days. Majority lie about how they actually feel in effort to protect feelings of others. How does lying help you protect feelings? Underhandedness and deception have never been things that I have found endear me to another. Thinking that someone is on your side when you find out they are not is unnecessary and more hurtful than the lamination of kind words spoken.

Yes, in adult communities, we are expected to mediate our own feelings – there is little expectation for someone else to do so. However, when politics of double speak or down right deception are used in small communities are used to manipulate and deceive, I would consider that unnecessary.

I am addressing this as a dear friend of mine was recently fooled within the community and hurt badly after pouring their heart and soul out for many years into a volunteer project. Rather than address any concerns with that person directly, this person was ousted when it had been made clear this would not be the case leading up to the event. It is disgraceful with the education level, experience, and intertwining of this group that this was chosen to be done. Can we learn to just say what we mean? Kindness is far more powerful than deception.

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