Defining Sexy

I was talking to a friend the other day about my previous weekend.  I was telling her that I felt really sexy last weekend. She had not heard me say that about myself before and asked a few pointed questions to see what that meant to me.  I paused  for a second as she  caught me off guard.

We toss around these terms – sexy, hot, gorgeous – and we don’t ever really think about it. I thought back to last weekend and dug deep to see what I meant by saying I felt sexy. I had  not really thought about it before  in terms of communicating that feeling.  What I came up with  is that sexy is an internal feeling. Almost an elation. I know when I can control my body, I feel very attractive. When my body feels fit that makes me feel sexy. When I dance with someone that I feel connected to and with whom I can play with on the dance  floor,  that makes me feel sexy as well. It’s not about whether I would go home with them or not. It is when I feel powerful though.

After that weekend, some friends and acquaintances took it upon themselves, to contact me to let me know how sexy I looked.  I don’t think it was actually about what I was wearing, but what I was emitting.  Every step I took with the partners I danced with felt juicy, controlled, grounded, connected. The person I mainly danced with was a beautiful dancer with the same dance roots as I, someone  with whom I had always had chemistry  on the dance floor. We’ve been friends for a long time as well. Honestly, when I was dancing with him, there was no one else in the room. Those are the memorable dance moments for me – when I am so present. Presence also makes me feel sexy.

Take a moment and figure out what makes you feel sexy. Take away the clothes, the make-up, the fancy hair-do, and look inside you.  What about you do you bring out of yourself when you are having those moments of feeling sexy? Those are the qualities you can tap into when you dance certain roles, go out to uncomfortable situations, or to bring out your confidence in a difficult audition. Sexy is in all of us.  Tap into it and no one can hold you back.

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