I had a friend who always wanted to date a professional dancer. He was forewarned by his sister that it was a bad idea because dancers are always tired. She’s right. Dancers are tired. When you physically exert yourself for hours, days, and months on end, you tucker out. Sometimes it is hard for those who are not part of the community to understand.

So what does a tired dancer do to have fun? That’s a personal question. When there’s still some energy left at the end of the day, going out social dancing can be fun. In the right headspace, it’s a low pressure environment where I am not judging myself. If I can be incognito about my status in the dance world, I can get away with not being judged by others as well. It can be a great place to just enjoy the music and let go of the pressure for perfection. I have to admit, while at the club, I tend not to be flashy in my dancing. I get to do that all day. I want to enjoy those I’m dancing with and be a good follower. This is not an audition. This is my time off. Being all tricked out with fancy styling is just not what I am up for when I’m there.

There are nights when I am plain tired and want to just hang out with friends from other realms that I am involved in. Where I can hear about their escapades, family life, and career. We just sit and have a drink and just relax. I can be completely myself as I am not being dragged in different directions every five minutes. My downtime with my true friends is my favourite kind of downtime.

There are many amazing people involved in the social dancing community. I enjoy hanging out with them too. When we can be somewhere where we are not inundated with music and those wanting to dance with us, it is great. A long conversation about things that can be delved into more deeply than when we are at the club is a treat. It seems this can only happen when we are out of the club – that doesn’t happen often. Most of this circle take every opportunity to get out to the socials. I support and promote that so that we can continue to have options around the city to pick and choose different events on different nights.

Here is my favourite. A quiet night at home with ice on my feet is enjoyable too. Sitting watching a movie, snuggled up with someone special, can be just as much fun as shaking it at the club. The change of pace of not being on my feet for another three hours and enjoying that physical intimacy in a quiet space, that’s my kind of downtime.

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