Feeding the Fire

We all lose our fire intermittently. No one can be 100% of the time and this can be difficult to face when artistically inclined in a pursuit. We have expectations on us – sometimes self-induced, sometimes induced by others. These expectations can create such a heavy burden that when we flounder, it can seem difficult to pick up and carry on.

So what can we do to navigate these moments when not at our best? Continuing to try to push through the struggle can be more damaging than good especially for the high strung. It is usually the first inclination though making it seem like the best idea. A break can be more beneficial though. Artists are often in their head. This usually results in mind chatter that can be hard to escape. The mind chatter maybe exploring artistic approach, ideas for new endeavours, or fumbling through a problem. This chatter can take a negative turn when we are stuck. The chatter usually gives way to questions about whether we are good enough, whether we are artistically emptied, whether we can ever be as brilliant as we once were. It can be devastating and sometimes gives reason to give up.

So how do you rekindle the artistic fire? Find the strength to keep pushing? Taking time away is often what is necessary. Getting out of the environment in which you normally pursue your work can be best. It takes you away from what is reminding your that you are stuck. The change of scenery can also inspire new ideas. Changing up your routine if you cannot get away from your environment can be helpful. Even just swapping when you do things can expose you to new inspiration because you are no longer seeing and doing as you normally do everyday. Giving yourself some credit that rest is not going to destroy your career is helpful as well. Again, we cannot be 100% all of the time. Sometimes we need to take the time to gather the kindling needed to stoke the fire. Without that, the fire may burn out forever.

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