Get Over It!

Fear can be a phenomenal motivator to stop moving forward. Why? There is discomfort in fear. There is a chemical reaction that happens that puts us into a state of increased self-protection to keep ourselves physically safe. Those who are thrill seekers like this chemical reaction and seek ways to provoke it in order to get that adrenaline high (also known as fight or flight).  Those who don’t like it, often do everything in their power to hide from it.

I have usually been a “lean into the discomfort” kind of girl all my life. I liked the thrill of putting myself far out of my comfort zone in order to see what happened. Usually, nothing bad happened. The odd fractured bone or other physical injury may have ensued which my parents were just in love with having a dare devil child. For such a shy little girl, I was unpredictable in my physical adventures. I still have this dare devil streak of which I am thankful to have never grown out. I think that this far into my life, if I still have it, I am stuck with it for life. Truly, lucky me. I know a few people who would love to have that trait, even just an ounce of what I have.

I have been called adventurous all my adult life which I never fully understood until I started comparing what my life was like to those of others. I am truly a laissez faire person when it comes to other’s lives. If it makes you happy, great. If it doesn’t fit into my perception, I won’t try to change you, but I may not stick around. If you are happy being vanilla, stuck in your life, making harmful choices, that is your option and there is nothing I will do about it unless you ask how to change.

My answer to a lot of thrill related situations I am presented with is why not. If I have done something a few times, given it a fair shake, and I still don’t like doing it, I won’t repeat the behaviour. However, even if it seems like the scariest thing ever, and I haven’t tried it, I venture into my why not mentality so that I can put myself into a new experience. This life truly is short, so why not get as much experience out of it?

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