In Love and War

Within our communities, there are separations that occur. Certain people will stick together and ostracize others. I have observed this happen to other people. I have had it happen to myself as well. It is baffling what grown people will do to each other even when they are moving toward the same goal on a mutual project. This ostracization stems from fear and is something we can all work on.

Creative communities tend to be small. For this reason, you would think they would work together and support one another – financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and creatively. People worldwide are trying to create more abundant lives. The best synonym for abundance that most can probably relate to is plentifulness. If you are able to believe that there is enough opportunity to go around, the in-fighting that happens in our artistic communities would likely cease. Make love not war, shall we?

I have my hands in many communities aside from the artistic. This has kept me grounded while still being able to dream. I do see war in most of the communities that I work within. I do believe this is because humans are afraid. We are bombarded by media that is negative – do you hear much other than fear mongering when you listen to the news? I stopped listening to it years ago because it always made my stomach turn. People are afraid that their local and global economies are going to crash. They are afraid that they will become ill. They are afraid that they will lose their life partners. They are afraid they will lose their family. People are afraid of a lot of things and it has stopped us from listening to the truths that we inherently know.

If you think about it, much of our life is out of our control. We can try to be healthy. We can try to be successful. We can try to protect ourselves from harm. I have given up on my protectionist ways as I am seeing that many of the things that happen to me happen no matter what I do. Other people’s actions are out of my hands. Thus, I have to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles that come my way. I also have had to take a step back, give up control, and see how things unfold naturally i.e. without meddling. Being in control of everyone and everything is exhausting and an illusion. It comes from fear. It comes from lack of understanding. It is a waste of energy because it is not something any of us will ever be.

I am not saying do not take responsibility for yourself and your actions. We all have our own set of standards and morals that we abide by. Sometimes these contracts with ourselves change over time as they start not working for us. However, it is okay to take a break. It is okay to live that day without worrying about the future. It is okay to break the regimented routine you need to feel normal.

I do believe that if people lived trying to control less in their lives, there would be less war. I see people going to war everyday in their life. They go to war with their co-workers. They go to war with their friends. They go to war with other artists. They go to war with themselves. It is time to take step back. Give yourself a day that you do not go to war. See what happens with your interactions with those in your community. You will likely see more opportunity and connection come your way when you put down your weapons and just be open. I wish everyone would try this as it would eliminate the separation that pushes good people out of our communities.

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