Gratifying Injuries

There are going to triumphs and tribulations in all our lives. We can only hope that we come out ahead mentally and physically from these things. Setbacks, especially when they involve our physical being, can mess with our perception of ourself and reality. The truth is, most things will pass. It can seem like a crisis right now, but likely we will be able to look back and see something good that comes out of it. Most of our crises turn out to be speed bumps, reminding us to slow down and take better care of ourself.

I often get injured when I am in need of a break. I never like it. I dread even thinking that it might happen. Anytime it does happen, it does cross my mind that this could be my career ending injury. Once that thought crosses my mind, I have to remind myself that if it is, there will not be much that I can do about it. I have to be thankful that my career has been as long as it has been.

If it is not me being injured, but a colleague, it always pulls at my heart as I know how scary it is. It does put it in perspective how lucky I am to dance everyday. It shakes me up to be present and take a day at a time – in life and dance. It also reminds me that dancing 7 days a week might put me in a place where I could be setting myself up for the injury. This is something I do have to keep a monitor on.

Dance is my addiction. It is also my pleasure. It is exhilarating. It gives me purpose. It gives me a shot of happiness daily.  A day without movement doesn’t feel whole to me. A run, yoga, or hitting the gym will help, but there is something especially magical and spiritual about being in tune with my body through dance. To have that sensitivity of communication between my brain and my body such that I can make micro-corrections that change the feedback from my body back to my brain. There is nothing else in my day that gives me such gratification.

The gist of all this is to remember that most things that happen to us are just a phase. It may feel like our world is collapsing and that everything will change for the worse because of it. Know that we all go through it. Injuries can provoke a huge emotional shift, so it is important to keep things in perspective. There is no appreciation of our talent unless we have it threatened once in a while to be taken away. Remember to be thankful everyday you touch a dance floor.

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