Living Fast

Dancing is a dream. Dancing is exhilarating. All dancing aside, dancers can also have a really good time.

There are always parties to attend, events to participate in, people who will follow and worship you.  When first becoming known and once you are established, there are constant invitations coming at you and it can be difficult to say no.  For one thing, it is flattering to have people want to spend time with you and hang on your every word, especially if you weren’t a socialite to begin with. For another, a dancer’s budget for entertainment is not usually that large because of financial constraints. Having the opportunity to go out on someone else’s dime can be tempting.

All this is fun and exciting, but there are downsides to all these events.  All this partying typically is a trade off from sleep. I’ve witnessed many dancers get wrapped up in the party scene and have alcohol and drugs become part of their regular habit along with the late hours.  I’m not calling out the occasional drink, I’m referring more to binge drinking and elicit drugs. When we’re young, beautiful, and getting as much exercise as we do in our careers, it may not seem that important to take care of ourselves because  our bodies are pretty resistant to the chemicals  and sleep deprivation. The wear and tear are not that obvious.  However, as the years progress, the accumulation of damage becomes apparent.  You will notice it in the faces and bodies of the established dancers in your community.

Enjoy your fame, have a good time, and remember to prioritize yourself as well. Your body and talent are what’s enabling these opportunities. They are also your meal ticket, so protect the asset of your health so you too can have a long and amazing career.

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