New Reality Adaptation

In my lifetime, I have seen technology bound forward. An Atari and Commodore 64 were big deals when I was a kid. Then came the upgraded gamers like Nintendo and Sega. From there it snow balled into much higher tech games. Email was new when I was a kid too. It was fascinating to get mail without having to go through the post office. Then the world wide web started. Websites were not that pretty back then, but you could obtain some information from them.

Why am I talking about technology? It is a wonder to me how dependent we are. In rehearsals, when anyone gets a break, I see everyone grab their phones, disconnect from the people they were just working with, and indulge in the instant gratification of text, facebook, and the internet. It has changed the way we communicate and I feel we are losing this skill. Everyone wants to text or email instead of make a phone call that could save so much time. I admit I have fallen prey to the ease of electronic communication as well.

Youtube is it’s own problem – especially in the creative world. People post videos of creative works on youtube and that creative work is seen all over the world. That means that someone’s work can be broken down, played in slow motion, and duplicated by anyone who has access. The appeal of attending and paying for class is diminished because people post videos of the class or choreography they learned and others can take advantage of that without paying a cent. The appeal of seeing a live performance is diminished too. If someone has seen an artist’s performance on youtube, it can feel like a been there and done when seen live.

We need to give ourselves and the artists we admire respect by not abusing their craft through technology. If you attend a great class or performance and they have allowed video recording of it, respect your artists enough to not post it on youtube – do not post it especially if they have requested that you do not. Like you, they have put in hours honing their skills, developing the work that they present or teach. You and youtube give that work away. Artists are undervalued as it is. Do not add the problem.

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