Opening Doors

When is the last time that you sat in a quiet place and just let yourself dream? I have been starting to do this regularly the last while (even if it’s just 30 seconds per day) and some interesting things have started to happen – opportunities have been coming to me at warp speed from places I never expected.  It’s actually starting to freak me out as anything I think I want, the door to the opportunity opens very shortly after.

I regularly see an acupuncturist and her partner for treatments which helps keep me balanced on so many levels.  I have never been in such a settled place in my life and I am truly thankful for their care. They are big believers of manifestation also referred to by many as the power of intention.  They tell me that everything good in my life right now is due to my power in this. Up until now, maybe for lack of observation of it, I have never really acknowledged this in my life. Throughout my life, I have been considered an overachiever.  My parents always told me that anything I set my mind to, I could do (even if it was scary for them to witness all that I could do).

Is that the power of intention?  Lately, I really am seeing it working and in unexpected ways.  I have been spending a lot of time dreaming which is a luxury for which I am grateful. My life until now has been hurried and bursting at the seams with work and activities. There has been time for dreaming and planning, but nothing like I have now. I always worked hard toward my goals and have had control over a lot because of the work I put into things. Lately, by sitting back and dreaming, I am achieving without so much work.  There are performance, partnering, and travel opportunities like I have never had before.   Maybe they were always there, but I was far too busy and distracted to notice. I am in a place now where I can take these opportunities. The issue is deciding which ones I can juggle without getting to the point of feel hurried and bursting at the seams again.

I should point out that major doors in my life have also closed shortly before all this opportunity came my way. Some of the doors, I had been so attached to and they have been suddenly taken out of my hands.  It has been gasp worthy to be honest that my life took this unexpected turn. I am thankful for these closures as all these opportunities are coming my way because of it.  The struggles have given way to the opportunities of which I had only dreamed possible in the past. So, take some time, think about what you want, put some feelers out there for what you want, and sit back and see what happens.  Maybe there is something to this manifestation thing of which I am just becoming aware?

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