Partner Perfect

Finding that perfect partner can be difficult. Does that perfect partner exist? That’s a question I have mulled over for years, fifteen to be exact. I do believe so, though I am not sure if I will find him. I am not whining, I just know that I am luckier in measurable success than personal relationships. I know other people have found that partner and they live their lives together inside and outside of dance. They have a connection so strong that they cannot see either life without that one person in it.

That perfect partner can be just someone that is for dance purposes. There may be nothing beyond dance between the couple. When they dance though, it changes their world. It is those moments that they regularly create when everything around them disappears. They are so connected that no else on the dance floor matters.

I think many of us find these fleeting moments in competition and social settings when there is such an adrenaline rush happening. You are so present that time slows down. You can stretch every step so well that you find new movement and reach in your body that you never knew existed. With your partner you may find a new interaction that you never saw before. I have been in these moments when my partner has not. This nirvana happens every time I perform, whether it is solo, partnered, or in a group. For that period where I am performing, time nearly stops. Time allows me this laser focus. I can hear more in the music. I can feel more in the rhythm. I can see more happening around me. I have changed sensation in my body.

Imagine if you had a partner with whom you could create those moments every time you touched. The minute you moved, you felt so tuned into the other person that it became like an addiction. An addiction to movement. An addiction to sensation. An addiction to another person. That is what a perfect partner can feel like. I guess it is a similar feeling to the rush of being in love with someone which is equally addictive. I am curious if the same part of the brain is involved in kinetic and romantic love. It would make sense why that rush from connected movement can make it hard to tell whether you just really enjoy dancing with someone or whether you are actually falling for them romantically. Hopefully, I will find that perfect partner one day.

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