Passion Pursuit

In hard times, people who are passionate and sacrifice for their art or craft, often start questioning that path. Work maybe hard to come by while living costs remain or escalate. How do you find the vigour to continue on your path?

I believe those who live and breath their work (artistic or not), can reach tipping points where they question motivation. Is this enough? Does this define me? Who would I be without this? Sometimes these questions are forced when on the precipice of losing it all – whether that career path is failing or being threatened to be taken away due to illness, familial responsibility, or other life obligations.

Why do we work so hard for something that may not have tangible results? This is something difficult for those who are not impassioned by their work to understand. Many people drag themselves to work out of necessity – financial obligations, lifestyle enslavement, fear of not having enough. They go to work because they feel they have to not because they enjoy it. We spend so many hours per week in our work environments that is difficult for me to understand how you can spend that much time “working of the man” when it is not something you like.

Would we not be better off pursuing our passions even when it is tough? Of course, that would breed more happiness as work would be play and something you do rather than have to do. Pursuing passion is terrifying for most as it takes you off the well trodden path that society has paved en route to success. We have been trained from youth that life is meant to be lived along a given map: get an education, get a good paying job, get married, have children. Are we enslaved to this ideology and sacrifice living to stay on this map? Does it make us happy? What would life be like if you pursued what truly made you happy?

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