I had wanted to post my resolutions on the first of January, however, I did not have them adequately straight in my head to share. I have spent the past three days thinking about where I want to go with my life this next year based on the lessons learned from 2013. This is what I concluded:

1) Find synergy in my working relationships. This is something I have sought in passing, but have never put much effort towards. This year is going to be different. For those with whom I work, I want to be able to discover the areas where we complement each other. I want to make my working relationships explosively productive for everyone involved. If I am going to be joining forces with someone, there has to be great reason to pool our talents and we need a goal in mind to see if that pooling is successful. For those working relationships that are parasitic rather than synergistic, I will be letting go of those. I know the majority of mine have the potential to be synergistic, so I am looking forward to amazing things happening for my colleagues and myself this year!

2) Balance technique with letting go. This is an ongoing struggle for me. I want to be good at my dancing, but the moments where I have been the most eye-catching on stage are when technique and just being come together. I want this year to be like none I have had before. I want my body to function at a new level. It will take a lot of hours to get my technique to the level where my body holds onto the technique with minimal to no thought. I am prepared to invest in myself this way. I have a plan in place. This again does need to be balanced with being in the moment. I have to be able to find those moments in practice, not just on stage. I will be putting effort forth to balance these scales when I work.

3) Give back to the community. I want to find a unique way to give back to the community this year. I want to share my knowledge with up and comers and also with those established in the community. Every dancer has a unique journey. There are so many lessons learned along the way for each of us. I want to start a dialogue with the community about what brought them into the community and what keeps them there. If you want to share you story about dance, there is now a section on the home page called Share Your Experience. This is an opportunity to have your voice. Simply comment on this post and tell your story. I will repost the comments with your name or anonymously, whichever you prefer.

Let’s put our best dancer’s feet forward this year and get honing our artistry while expanding our sense of community. It is going to be fantastic year – I can feel it already!

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