Can you feel me? Can you feel me when I breath? Can you feel me when I move? Can you feel me even when I am unwantable? Can you feel me when that achilles of life tears?

Can you hear me? Can you hear men when I scream? Can you hear me when I cry? Can you hear me when I am crumbling inside? Can you hear me when you are deafened by the beating of my heart?

Can you taste me? Can you taste the sweat rolling off my back? Can you taste the fear I am dancing? Can you taste my past and taste my future? Can you remember how the first show tasted?

Can you see me? Can you see the pain I am telling? Can you see movement in my soul? Can you see the scar tissue I move through? Can you see my strong hold?

Can you smell me? Can you smell the adrenaline coursing through? Can you smell the light I emit when I move? Can you smell the gratitude coming off my pores as I am thankful for this moment I get to dance. Every movement senses and I become one with everything in my midst.

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