Structuring Chaos

A dancer’s life can be seemingly unstructured. Most often it is not a 9-5 job like the majority of society. It can be different from one day to the next, week to week, month to month, and year to year. This can make it difficult to be mentally organized if you are not someone who is typically so inclined.

I am an organized person when it comes to head knowledge. I have been blessed with both an artistic and analytical side which renders me “balanced” by society’s views. I have to admit, my physical environment isn’t always as organized, but it is a flaw I have accepted. When I work in periods where I don’t have a daily project that I am working on, I do find it hard to not spin my wheels trying to figure out what I am going to do with my time today.

Lately, I have had to lay down the law with myself and create a structured schedule. It is still a work in progress, like my dancing, but I am proud I am working on it. There is an exorbitant level of chaos in my life these days. This involves making some life changing decisions that will affect my lifestyle, career, and personal life. I do not enter into these decisions lightly which is part of where my spinning wheels happen if I do not structure my day. I can think on an issue for hours on end without even realizing time has passed but it is mentally exhausting when it happens.

I am working on setting up a schedule that puts aside studying, teaching, and business time. While this is happening, I am also having to put into place intentions for moving forward in a new direction. A lot of my time is now in a hurry up and wait situation which I have not much patience. However, there is not much choice in the matter for me as many things in my life are not controllable, so I have to choose to be patient while that is happening. The stress of trying to be patient is being channeled into my work and I am trying to use it to motivate me until I get to the other side of all this.

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