Transcendent Experience

The other day, I had the opportunity to witness something inspiring. I was waiting for rehearsal to start. I had arrived early as it was being held in a location different than usual and I wanted to make sure I would find it in time to warm up. There was a pair of dancers working together in said studio. They were both gifted dancers that I respected. They both could have large egos because of their accomplishments, but they did not. They were humble, hard working souls. What I witnessed was an exchange of energy on many levels.

The first level was their exchange of experience. They both came from different dance backgrounds. One was more experienced than the other. That was not getting in their way. I could hear their banter back and forth. There was no one trying to dominate the conversation. There was no one stuck in the mind set that one partner must be the leader or the one in charge due to traditional gender roles. They were exchanging information back and forth verbally and physically. They were in sync with each other and working together for their greater good.

The second level was their exchange of kinetic energy. The recycling of energy was interesting to watch. You could easily see the transfer of motion from one body to the next. There was no force involved. You could see the stored up potential energy that was used to initiate movement. There was little muscular  work. It was flowing from one body to the next. It looked light. It looked easy. It looked effortless.

The third level was their exchange of emotion. When one smiled, the other lit up. When one withdrew internally, the other pulled away. When one got excited, I saw the excitement rise in the other. Their energy was so in-tune that it was within seconds that one’s change of emotion became the same change of emotion in the other.

What was happening though was that there was give and take. Yes, one had more experience than the other in the genre they were working in. Yet, no one was being condescending. No one was getting upset. They were working toward a common goal for mutual benefit.

Often, egos get in the way in partner and group situations. We forget that we are all in this together. We forget that our personal goal is less important than the collective goal. When we can put our personal goals aside and work together, transcendent experiences happen in our relationships, projects, and gratification in dance.

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